ACCIRAD is an EU-funded project. The objective of this project is to perform (1) an EU-wide study on the implementation of the requirements given in the Medical Exposure Directive (Council Directive 97/43/Euratom; MED Directive) aimed at the reduction of the probability and the magnitude of accidents in radiotherapy and (2) to develop guidelines on a risk analysis of accidental and unintended exposures in external beam radiotherapy, which can significantly contribute to the improvement of patient safety.

The consortium is lead by the Greater Poland Cancer Center (GPCC,Poland). Furthermore, project partners are the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK, Finland), the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN, France), the CRP Henri Tudor (Tudor, Luxembourg), the Fundacion Investigacion Biomedica Hosptial Clinico San Carlos (FIB HCSC, Spain) and the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO).

The ACCIRAD project consortium
Figure 1: Project participants from left to right: Marta Bogusz-Czerniewicz (GPCC, Leader WP6), Marc Valero (ASN, WP3), Carlos Prieto (FIB HCSC, Leader WP4), Hannu Järvinen (STUK, WP5), Philippe Maignon (ESTRO), Jean-Luc Godet (ASN, Leader WP3), Ritva Bly (STUK, Leader WP5), Andreas Jahnen (Tudor, Leader WP2), Ralf Herbst (Tudor, WP2), Julian Maliki (GPCC, Leader ACCIRAD and WP1) and Marco Krengli (ESTRO).

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