About ACCIRAD: Guidelines on a risk analysis of accidental and unintended exposures in radiotherapy

The objective of this project is to perform an EU-wide study on the implementation of Council Directive 97/43/ EURATOM (Medical Exposure Directive) requirements aimed at the reduction of the probability and the magnitude of accidents in radiotherapy and to develop guidelines on a risk analysis of accidental and unintended exposures in external beam radiotherapy.

Project organization

The project team is supported by a Panel of Scientific Experts

Nr Name Institute
1 Jean Bourhis ESTRO
2 Mary Coffey ICRP
3 Jean Marc Cosset ICRP
4 Hourdakis Costas GAEC
5 Ola Holmberg IAEA
6 Tommy Knöös RSCH
7 Andrew Nisbet NHS
8 Pedro Ortiz Lopez IAEA
9 Maria Perez WHO
10 Will van der Putten EFOMP
11 Pierre Scalliet UCL
12 Frank Andre Siebert UKSH
13 Eliseo Vano HCSC

What triggered the idea of the ACCIRAD project?

Revision of the EURATOM Basic Safety Standards Directive International Conference on Modern Radiotherapy: Advances and Challenges in Radiation Protection of Patients, organized by ASN in Versailles on December 2-4, 2009.

ASN/AFSSAPS report on “Articulation of essential requirements of Directive 97/43/ EURATOM and IAEA recommendations shared with the essential requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices used in external radiotherapy” Communication from the EC to the European Parliament and the Council on “medical applications of ionizing radiation and security of supply of radioisotopes for nuclear medicine” (COM(2010) 423 / 6.8.2010).

The ACCIRAD project: Guidelines on risk analysis of accidental and unintended exposures in radiotherapy, has officially started. The Kick-off meeting of partners and EC representatives took place in Luxembourg on 6-7 February, 2012. During the very meeting the project itself was introduced by the Consortium leader Professor Julian Malicki from the Greater Poland Cancer Centre. Moreover, the other partners presented the scope of work within assigned Work Packages (WP1-WP6):

  • WP1 – project management (Julian Malicki, GPCC)
  • WP2 – questionnaire on MED implementation (Andreas Jahnen, TUDOR)
  • WP3 – risk analysis of accidental and unintended exposures (Jean-Luc Godet, ASN)
  • WP4 – classification, reporting, registration of events (Carlos Prieto, HCSB)
  • WP5 – European Guidelines (Ritva Bly and Hannu Järvinen, STUK)
  • WP6 – European Workshop (Marta Bogusz-Czerniewicz, GPCC)
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