2012.12.13-14 ACCIRAD Project Team has met in Paris to evaluate the collected data

The ACCIRAD Project Team has met in Paris at the ASN premises in Paris 13-14.2012 to discuss and evaluate the results of the detailed questionnaire. Objectives of this meeting was to review the situation on risk assessment in Europe, the existing classification systems and the available reporting systems. Furthermore the outline of the guidelines document was discussed.

Thank you very much!

We would like to thank every national contact point and radiotherapy center that contributed to the distributed questionnaires. Only this data allow us to develop guidelines that is adapted to the current situation in Europe. This is important for the success of the proposed guidelines.

 Participants of the ACCIRAD Meeting in Paris

Project participants from left to right: Agnieszka Skrobala (GPCC), Ritva Bly (STUK, Leader WP5), Kamila Przybylska (GPCC), Marco Krengli (ESTRO), Philippe Maignon (ESTRO), Carole Rousse (ASN), Aurélie Isambert (ASN),Jean-Marc Cosset (ICRP), Carlos Prieto (FIB HCSC, Leader WP4), Mary Coffey (EFRS), Hannu Järvinen (STUK, WP5), Julian Maliki (GPCC, Leader ACCIRAD and WP1), Andreas Jahnen (Tudor, Leader WP2), Frank-Andre Siebert (GEC-ESTRO), Will van der Putten (EFOMP), Jean-Luc Godet (ASN, Leader WP3), Marc Valero (ASN, WP3)

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