During the ACCIRAD project the consortium need information about the organisation of external beam radiotherapy in the different member states. This information will be collected with an online questionnaires that will be made available to a network of national contact points.

The data collection is organized in two levels:

  1. General Questionnaire about the basic legal provisions (national regulations) to comply with Article 11 of the MED Directive, together with some background data on national radiotherapy systems.
  2. A more detailed questionnaire about the national systems of risk management in external beam radiotherapy and the national systems for classification, recording and reporting of adverse events or near misses concerning patient safety in external beam radiotherapy.

The national contact points of the different member states will receive during March 2012 information that enables them to provide answers to the questionnaire.

The first General Questionnaire is open from March until 15/05/2012.

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